What forces are at work in the universe?

Gravity! Electromagnetic force! Nuclear force!
Right? Not quite!*

Through intensive research, our team has determined the mechanisms of action of a fourth force in the universe: Kapitalkraft! Combined with the expertise of our superheroes, Kapitalkraft will take your project to new galaxies. Since: We are as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided.

What we do and who we are

What is our story?

This story is about a group of successful entrepreneurs!

They realized that they could use their strengths and skills to make a difference, so they decided to work together and pool their resources.

The entrepreneurs formed a new company called “Kapitalkraft” that focused on responsible and commercially viable solutions. With their different skills and talents, they sought innovative solutions.

This story emphasizes the importance of collective action and responsibility to make a positive difference in the world. It also shows that each individual, regardless of background or position, can contribute to solve problems.

Overall, the story is a reminder that each of us has the opportunity to make a difference and that by acting together we can have a greater impact. We are ready to take on the challenges and make the impossible possible to create a better future for everyone.

And since they are successful, they all are investing happily even after!

What is our mission?

As an investment company, we believe that every start-up has the potential!

We are proud to support visionaries on their path to incredible success and predicting winners. As close partners, we will grow with you every step of the way.

We will equip your startup with the equity necessary to pave the way for larger investments with venture capital firms.

By increasing the equity ratio, the value of your company will increase significantly. Together, we will provide proof that your idea is promising during the important seed phase and develop a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP). This will give you the opportunity to further expand and scale your business.

Our common goal for you is to reach the growth phase (almost) on your own. Become part of our success story and let’s realize your vision together!

Why equity capital?

Experience the dynamism and potential of start-ups by using your equity wisely in the early stages.

As mentors and experts, we'll help you turn your dreams into reality and make your company even more attractive to later-stage investors. Higher equity means your business is better able to absorb potential losses or unforeseen events.

Overall, increasing equity can help improve your startup’s competitiveness and long-term prospects. Together with our other Kapitalkraft friends, we forge an unforgettable partnership that helps you perfect your investment strategy and achieve your goals.

Our ambition for follow-on funding ensures that you continue to be in good hands even after great success.

Do you already have these superpowers?

Do you have an innovative and technology-driven product or offering?

Do you have a scalable business model?

Do you have an USP and relevant competitive advantages?

Do you have a competent and passionate founding team?

Then we will probably quickly combine our superpowers! Because this is exactly where our powers come into play.

Stuff we do!

Money is important, but it's about so much more!

As experienced company founders, we know all facets of the start-up process and will support you with our expertise.

Together, we'll scan your idea with laser-beam accuracy and develop a compelling concept that inspires. If there is no prototype yet, no problem - we will finance it and develop a Proof of Concept (POC) together. In parallel, we work together to create an attractive company valuation and determine the appropriate capital requirements. To top it off, we pack an exit capability or exit scenarios on top to present your start-up with a red bow to selected VC companies. Experience the future of entrepreneurship up close with us!

In summary

We offer the following services to attract potential investors to your start-up and support it in the best possible way:

Equity provision: we provide equity for your start-up to support you financially and promote growth

Professional financial planning: we help you create a financial plan to analyze your financial situation accurately and plan your finances for the long term.

Legal set-up: we help you with the legal set-up of your start-up to ensure that you are legally well positioned and meet all relevant legal requirements.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) support: we provide you with advice and support in M&A transactions and help you make the best possible decisions.

Brain Trust: we analyze at every stage with a highly qualified team to position your start-up in the best possible way.

Outreach to venture capitalists (VCs): We establish contacts with VCs to present your start-up to potential investors and convince them of your concept.

General availability: we are available for you at any time and are at your disposal in case of questions or problems.

Accompaniment at the pitch (optional): If desired, we will accompany you during the pitch and help you to make your presentation as good as possible and to convince potential investors.


Who are our superheroes?

Our dream team consists of smart financial experts, creative visionaries and IT geniuses who act as a brain trust to help you optimize your strategy and meet your financing needs. The dopamine junkie on our team is lightning quick to spot potential in startups, the serotonin guardian makes careful decisions with a steady hand, our estrogen diplomat is empathetic and has a keen sense of what others are thinking and feeling, and our testosterone-pushed doer acts pragmatically and decisively. With this perfect combination of neurochemical superpowers, you'll be well equipped to focus on your life's work, while we join forces behind the scenes to make it legendary - and keep your business flowing!


What is the Brain Trust?

Our brain trust is proof that togetherness means strength! We are a strong network whose diverse superpowers are able to combine expertise from different industries for a specific goal. Our minds working together results in a variety of different perspectives that enable us to solve problems quickly and catch mistakes early. Through our collective power, we are able to identify innovations and bring them to life with capital. So together, as before, we can create incredible things!


More stuff we do!

Instead of spending our existence on the golf course or on a sailboat, we are always ready for any challenge. Signature moments with potential investors never have to wait. As loyal navigators, we help you discover suitable funding programs and connect you with select venture capital companies that are a perfect fit for your startup. Our broad network and expertise in dealing with professional analytics, help us guide you on the path to success and avoid ending your investor search prematurely before it even begins. Because we know that the venture capital scene is a tightly networked area and that every opportunity counts.


What is our focus?

We believe that technical talent is necessary, but not sufficient, to build a long-lasting business. We look for entrepreneurs with multidisciplinary skills who we know will be insightful innovators and entrepreneurs. Because our mission is to make the world a better place, we don't limit ourselves to traditional sectors or industries: From software and artificial intelligence (AI) services, to disruptive business models and technologies that help address pressing issues like climate change (Clean Energy) or healthcare (Digital Health). Regionally, our focus is on the DACH region, Georgia (country), India and Brazil markets. We are preparing for a future in which technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

But you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. We are equally looking for complementary systems that improve an existing system. In other words, startups that develop an addition or extension to an existing system by integrating new software or technologies. Examples could be startups that develop new algorithms or machine learning models to make existing systems more effective, or those that specialize in developing applications or software that can be integrated into existing systems to improve their functionality. You see there are many possibilities open to you. So ask us without obligation if your topic does not directly reflect our focus. We know others whose strategy probably fits your project.


What added value do we create?

Our portfolio companies are part of a network that spurs each other on to top performance. Our unique structure allows us to build the portfolio specifically as needed. To do this, we carefully select Kapitalkraft partners who have special capabilities and can be optimally integrated into our network. In this way, we create a strong company that benefits from the diversity of the individual corporate forces. Especially in the early stages, our Kapitalkraft friends from the areas of HR, marketing and software development prove invaluable, as marketing and software often determine the success of start-ups. Especially at the beginning, the costs for these areas are very high, which often leaves little capital for other important things. Our motto: Outsource among friends! Efficient and resource-saving! Thanks to our network, business activities can be optimized and further expanded, especially in the seed phase.


Do you want it to be international?

No problem! Our international network of top players with direct connections to the global venture capital world will guide you on your way to global penetration of your business model. We are the perfect partner to start your global adventure!


Any questions?

Let's celebrate success together! We are ready to stand by your side and support your venture. With our expertise and network at your fingertips, you can focus on what matters most - the growth and advancement of your business. We look forward to meeting you and starting an unforgettable journey to success. So, let's become friends and get to work together!

Our Approach

Would you like a style break in business jargon?

You're welcome!

Our procedure is very transparent and we will show you the individual steps below, which you can adjust to. That way you understand our way of working before we understand yours. In each phase and stage of the project, our brain trust decides together on how to proceed. This way we make sure that all decisions are based on well-founded considerations and a wide range of experience.

Investment Phase


Identification of investment opportunities and final discussion and decision by our brain trust.


Review of the opportunity incl. discussion with the founders. Then we prepare an initial valuation report and review: Team, investment process, strategy and, if applicable, the previous track record. Finally discussion and decision by our brain trust

Due diligence:

Detailed economic data room review & analysis, on-site visit. Preparation of a comprehensive due diligence report including bottom-up assessment (e.g. the quality of the management, the financial strength of the company, its competitive position, the quality of its products and services, its customer base and its growth prospects). 
Final discussion and decision by our brain trust.


Legal and tax review. Writing of the investment proposal. Final risk assessment by our brain trust. Signing.

management phase


Activate network

Review of reports

Scenario analyses

Performance monitoring

Marketing campaign support

Software development and enhancement

How does our preliminary review work?

To ensure that our first meeting is as successful as possible and that we discuss all the important topics, we would like to provide you with part of our checklist as a cheat sheet. The cheat sheet is a summary of our key questions to learn more about your company.

By preparing especially for these questions, you can ensure that we can use the interview effectively and discuss all relevant aspects. This in turn makes our job easier, as we have a clearer understanding of your goals and ambitions from the start.

Our goal is to keep the pr ocess short and find the best possible investment decision for your concern. The cheat sheet will help us keep the conversation focused and effective.

# withViewToTheFuture

Who is the driving force?

Dr. Arasch Bareksei

The driving force behind Kapitalkraft believes strongly in the potential of startups and has made it his mission to support the growth of young companies through strategic investment. With a keen eye for identifying promising business ideas and an unshakable belief in the power of enterprise, he is always ready to invest in promising projects and accompany them on their way to success.

# Kapitalkraft

How our team works?

The cheat sheet will help us keep the conversation focused and effective.

Cheat sheet

It is important to make sure that your project fits the fund strategy of the potential investor. If an investor has a specific fund strategy, it usually means that they will only invest in companies that operate in certain industries or with certain technologies. So if you have an idea that doesn’t fall into that category, it’s unlikely that the investor will be interested in investing. Therefore, to save time and resources, you should carefully research and check whether the investor and the fund strategy fit the startup.

The right team is one of the most important factors for our brain trust because it significantly influences the future success of a company. Startups often face unforeseen challenges, so it’s important that your team is flexible and adaptable. A good team can respond quickly to change and adapt to new circumstances. After all, true success depends on how you respond to the unpredictable. In addition, your team should be diverse and committed to making the company successful. If all members of your team believe in the company’s vision and goals, they can motivate and inspire each other.

Your start-up needs a well-defined business model to successfully implement the business idea. On the canvas, you record all ideas on how the business idea can be put into practice and thus become successful. The results can be incorporated into the business plan. It will enable your startup to clearly communicate goals and plans, use resources effectively, and minimize risks.

You should also effectively use distribution channels to reach your target audience and be able to optimize your decision making and strategic planning through a sound business model. This is how your startup will successfully scale and find its place in the market.

A concise USP is important because it can convey the essence of your startup’s offering in a short time and in a few words. A well-worded USP can pique the customer’s interest and make them take a closer look at your company and offerings.

Moreover, a clear and concise USP can also help you simplify your company’s marketing and sales strategies. When a company knows exactly what makes it unique, it can communicate its message to its target audience in a more targeted and successful way.


Your start-up should work because it meets the needs and desires of the target group and offers clear added value. The product should be unique and different from other similar products on the market. If your start-up has developed a product that solves customer problems better than the competition, it can be successful. It is not enough to merely have a great idea. Rather, it is crucial that this idea creates clear added value. Only by creating added value can long-term success be achieved.


Defining your target audience is especially important for you, as it allows you to use your limited resources more effectively and focus on the needs of a specific group of customers. With a clear idea of your target audience, you can develop targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies. You can also get your products and services to market faster, get feedback from customers to improve them, and shorten your time to market. Defining a target audience can also help you minimize the risk of bad investments and ensure that resources are used effectively to meet the needs and demands of your target audience.


Having a clear idea of how revenue will be generated means that your startup is able to identify its revenue sources and describe how it will generate that revenue. For example, this could be through the sale of products or services, advertising, or subscriptions. This idea will help you make more effective decisions and make the best use of your resources.

A clear understanding of the revenue streams and the resources and activities required is critical to developing a successful business model. It allows you to set clear goals, optimize your business strategy, and operate more effectively.

It is very important to define a revenue target early enough, as this will help you to have a clear focus on your business goals and align your clear strategy accordingly. To do this, define your business goals, analyze your financials, and set specific, measurable goals. Setting these early will give you more time to plan and execute your sales strategy and marketing campaigns. Regular tracking of progress and adjustments to the strategy are essential.

It’s important to have a traction roadmap to ensure you’re on the right path to achieve your goals and successfully scale your business. A well-designed Traction Roadmap can help ensure that you successfully grow and expand your customer base.

The specific steps and milestones (e.g., identifying target audiences, developing marketing and sales strategies, scaling business processes, and securing funding) of the Traction Roadmap can vary depending on your individual needs and goals.

It is important to reach your break-even point as it will enable your business to be sustainable and successful in the long term.

Reaching your break-even point is an important milestone as it means that your startup is financially stable and able to survive without external funding. This can reassure investors and potential customers and boost confidence.

It is therefore important that you keep an eye on the break-even point early on and focus on controlling your expenses and increasing your revenues to reach this point and be successful in the long run.

Market size is important for your startup because it tells you how big the potential is for your product or service. A large enough market size is an important factor for success, as it requires enough customers to survive in the long run. Knowing the market size can also attract investors, as they can see the potential for a successful market launch.

Know your competition! The most important factor of the competitive analysis is the competitor analysis. This is because the attractiveness of the respective market and thus the probability of success of your start-up depends to a large extent on the rivalry among your competitors. Accordingly, it is important that you also closely examine the competition as part of a complete competitive analysis. At the same time, you can also derive important strategic insights into pricing, marketing measures or even the sales strategy.

None in place yet? A big mistake! The success of your product depends largely on how it goes to market. Strategic GTM plans are essential for achieving the associated goals and successfully establishing yourself in the market. Because they can be resource-intensive, it’s tempting to rely purely on marketing campaigns instead.

However, it’s not enough to get the word out about your product. You also need to know which market it best fits and what unique benefits it has for your target clientele. A go-to-market strategy is not a luxury, but the foundation for successful positioning and long-term growth.

Internationalization is almost a duty for startups. It is related to the concept of “scalability”. If you want fast growth, a local market is not enough. But the reality is often different. Many startups begin in a small market and that is a good idea. In a local market, everything is easier and often young companies are only in their own country at the beginning.

Internationalization is a challenge that startups have to face. Theirs too, so it’s better to consider it from the beginning. Understanding the process and knowing the main issues, will help in creating the expansion plan. You will also get professional support from us when the time comes.

For you, additional revenue streams are of great importance, as they can promote growth, minimize the risk of revenue losses, and increase competitiveness. By introducing new products or services, the company can grow faster, expand its target audience and increase customer value. However, it is important to note that launching new revenue streams may require additional resources and you need to ensure that you have sufficient financial resources and capabilities to implement them successfully.

The level of your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) is important because you need to use your finances effectively in the beginning due to limited resources. Too high a CAC can hinder growth and make long-term profitability more difficult. In addition, a high CAC can also indicate that you are having difficulty reaching your target audience or developing effective marketing and sales strategies. In this case, you need to rethink your strategy and take steps to lower the CAC without compromising the quality of customer acquisition. On the other hand, a low CAC is a good sign, as it means that you are reaching your customers effectively and cost-efficiently. To do this, you must always measure and optimize your CAC, for example, by using tools to track clicks, conversions and sales.


We attach great importance to investing in future-oriented startups and therefore it is important for us to comprehensively evaluate potential investments. An important factor here is knowing about funding opportunities that have already been considered in order to better assess your commitment and minimize the associated risk.

In addition to this knowledge, information about other investors and the distribution of investments is also important to us. This allows us to get a comprehensive picture of the company’s current financial structure and to evaluate the impact of an investment on the shareholding structure.

Our goal is to make an informed decision and ensure that our investments make a positive contribution to the success of your company.

If you have considered your business model, your market position, your potential for growth and scalability, and your financial performance, then your valuation is sound. However, market and competitor analysis should also have been conducted, and opinions and recommendations from advisors and experts should have been considered. Ultimately, your valuation should be the result of careful and thorough analysis to ensure that you are presenting a realistic and appropriate valuation. Failure to do so will result in rejection by almost all investors, as they will be able to evaluate the most important points and identify discrepancies relatively quickly.

In order to gain the trust of investors in an investment startup, you should have realistic salary expectations and ensure that sufficient capital remains available for the growth of the company. So be patient – the big money is usually earned in the later-stage and after exit! Investors look for companies with great growth potential and high returns to minimize their risk and maximize their returns. At the same time, your company will reap the benefits of solid growth potential and high returns.

In order to gain the trust of investors and increase the startup’s chances of success, you as the founder should use the capital effectively and avoid unnecessary expenses. Investors are interested in the company’s potential to grow quickly and conquer the market.

It is important that your start-up addresses the issue of data protection at an early stage and implements appropriate measures to meet both legal requirements and the expectations of customers and investors. This should include providing a transparent and understandable privacy policy that gives customers clear information about what personal data is collected, processed and used and for what purpose. Responsible data handling can help to strengthen trust in the startup in the long term and build a positive reputation.


If you can’t answer all the questions, don’t worry. We only offer you an optimal preparation and then define together a precise need for action to transport your startup together with Kapitalkraft into new galaxies!

*The above information is current as of November 1, 2023.



An MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Is a basic, launchable version of the product that supports minimal but necessary features (that define the product's value proposition). It is developed with the intent of enabling faster time to market, attracting early adopters, and achieving product-market fit from the outset.


A POC (Proof of Concept)

Refers to the testing of a concept or project and also the possibility of whether or not a major project is feasible. A so-called feasibility study. The results of the proof of concept then determine the decisive success or possible failure of the overall project.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Are business transactions in which ownership of companies, other business organizations or their operating units is transferred to or consolidated with another company or business organization. As an aspect of strategic management, mergers and acquisitions can give companies the opportunity to grow or downsize and change the nature of their business or competitive position.

Think tank for everyone!

We would like to share our ideas for start-ups with you.

Perhaps you are active in the respective industry or know people who you would trust with these concepts. You are free to walk the path with us or send us a friendly message and tell us about your success through our support. We look forward to hearing from you.

We would like to give you our ideas as a gift, as we believe that creative thoughts should be shared in our society to bring a positive change and create a better future for all of us. We have many ideas, but unfortunately we don't always have the opportunity to cover all areas. Therefore, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with society and hope to make our contribution. Cooperate instead of compete!

Please note: All product names used above are purely fictitious. They have been created for illustrative purposes and are used solely to designate the site. Any similarities to actual brands, companies, products or services are purely coincidental and there is no claim to these names or brands. These fictitious names are not intended to mislead or suggest any relationship or association with any other actual brand, company, product or service.

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Let's celebrate success together! We are ready to stand by your side and support your venture. With our expertise and network at your fingertips, you can focus on what matters most - the growth and advancement of your business. We look forward to meeting you and starting an unforgettable journey to success.

So, let's become friends and get to work together!

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